Immersive Display Tech

December 4, 2017 zaid 0

Immersive Authority offers innovative Communal 360 Degree Mixed Reality display solutions for hire. Figure: An early prototype in consumer tests. Immersive Authority’s large venue immersive […]

Experiential Advergames

December 4, 2017 zaid 0

Immersive Authority will design and develop high quality PC Advergames for your experiential marketing and events campaigns. These are custom developed single-or multi-player interactive video […]

Augmented Reality

December 4, 2017 zaid 0

Immersive Authority can design custom augmented-reality solutions for consumers to experience on their mobile/table device, or on large venue screens, where real-world objects are tracked, […]

Digitization and Culture

July 20, 2017 zaid 0

Is “Digital Culture” a good thing, or does Digitization rob us of our Culture? I’ve got mixed thoughts. In our modern Digital Culture, we are […]

Digitizing the Cemetery

June 25, 2017 zaid 0

Are there any valuable opportunities in utilising technology to improve the conditions of the cemetery? In my community graves are generally re-used and we can […]

Surviving a Digitized Future

June 22, 2017 zaid 0

In a connected, automated future anything that can’t be digitized may become even more valuable. Human traits like imagination, ethics, emotion, humor, curiosity, creativity and […]