Augmented Reality

Immersive Authority can design custom augmented-reality solutions for consumers to experience on their mobile/table device, or on large venue screens, where real-world objects are tracked, and virtual content is displayed on it.

Augmented Reality Capabilities:

  • Consumers view the real world through a camera on their own smartphones / tablets, and virtual 3D objects or information is overlaid upon real world objects in real time. Planning an indoor or outdoor scavenger hunt where multiple players need to find a virtual clue or treasure? Immersive Authority can design the best solution for you.

  • Utilize Augmented Reality technology as a Smart Mirror where we install a large venue screen and turn the camera onto the audience. Using facial or object tracking technology we can overlay virtual objects (like animated animals and superheroes) or information onto physical objects, and display this mixed reality on the large venue screen.

  • Consumers use their smartphones or tablets as a second screen, where their device screen shows additional virtual objects or animation when the device camera is pointed at one of Immersive Authority’s large Mixed Reality display solutions. Inception-like?

Do you have a creative idea that you would like to bring to life? Immersive Authority can help you define your requirements and develop the solution.

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