Offering Consumer and Enterprise FinTech and AdTech Solutions and Advisory

Immersive Display Tech
Immersive Authority’s large venue immersive solutions allow multiple people to view 360 content without the need for a VR headset. ...
Experiential Advergames
Immersive Authority will design and develop high quality PC Advergames for your experiential marketing and events campaigns. These are ...
Digital Business Consulting
The focus of digital strategy in many businesses is too narrow, where they are only looking at opportunities to digitise their ...
Solutions Development
Need assistance with an application build or buy decision? If you’re buying software, contact Immersive Authority for RFP ...

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3 weeks ago

Immersive Authority
Just a few more weeks to launch.An independent firm is testing the security of the app now ...
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4 months ago

Immersive Authority
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