Augmented Driving

Augmented reality immerses virtual objects or information into the real world. I expect augmented driving solutions to reduce the dangers of driving by enhancing the drivers view of what lies ahead of them, particularly in situations where there is dense fog, heavy rain or low lighting.

Augmented Driving app on iPhone - warning I'm over the lines
Augmented Driving app on iPhone – warning I’m over the lines

Technologies are being developed to assist drivers by utilising and displaying information onto a smartphone, augmented reality glasses and directly onto the windscreen.

The smartphone solution has been available for at least 5 years:

On Android:


MINI is experimenting with Augmented Reality glasses:

Jaguar has presented a concept for an augmented reality windscreen, although they say that it will still take about a decade for the HUD (heads up display) technology to become commercially available for practical use.

Check out the above videos and be amazed by what progress we’ve made with augmented driving and what awaits us in the next decade.


Image credits:

Google Glass app for drivers by sndrv under CC license 2.0

Augmented Driving app by Danie van der Merwe under CC license by nc-sa-2.0