Blockchain in Retail

September 2, 2018 zaid 0

Blockchain technology provides the opportunity to unlock value in multiple industries, and the retail industry is no exception. Across the value chain from producers and […]

Virtual Reality and Robotics

March 2, 2017 zaid 0

While a lot of the West’s focus on VR has been on software development, better head mounted displays and controllers; much more has been happening […]

8 VR/AR trends for 2017

January 11, 2017 zaid 0

While 2016 did not exactly become the year that Virtual Reality became mainstream (as so many had predicted in 2015), huge progress has been made […]

The VR Popcorn Dilemma

April 12, 2016 zaid 0

Virtual Reality is awesome and it’s going to change the way we interact with various media solutions. However there are a few cons and hazards […]

The VR Divide

February 3, 2016 zaid 0

As VR is slowly gaining more mainstream adoption (even though it is really early days) we need to consider the social consequences. VR has the […]