Solutions Development

January 5, 2021 zaid 0

Need assistance with an application build or buy decision? If you’re buying software, contact Immersive Authority for RFP Development and Vendor Evaluation assistance. We have […]

Immersive Display Tech

December 4, 2017 zaid 0

Immersive Authority’s large venue immersive solutions allow multiple people to view 360 content without the need for a VR headset. After more than 2 years […]

Experiential Advergames

December 4, 2017 zaid 0

Immersive Authority will design and develop high quality PC Advergames for your experiential marketing and events campaigns. These are custom developed single-or multi-player interactive video […]

Digital Business Consulting

December 4, 2017 zaid 0

The focus of digital strategy in many businesses is too narrow, where they are only looking at opportunities to digitise their distribution channels and marketing. […]