Digital Business Consulting

The focus of digital strategy in many businesses is too narrow, where they are only looking at opportunities to digitise their distribution channels and marketing. To fully realise the value of a digital transformation, businesses need to look across their full value chain to refine their operating models so that they can provide cheaper, better and more customised products; improve efficiencies; respond to market changes faster; and improve customer experience.

Immersive Authority has over a decade of experience in IT Consulting, Enterprise & Solution Architecture; with deep knowledge of Financial Services and a vested interest in Retail, Brick & Mortal Stores and the Out of Home Entertainment industries.

If your business requires assistance in identifying Digitisation Opportunities (e.g. IoT, Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality, Cloud, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and other disruptive technologies); Monitoring initiatives along your Digital Transformation Journey or any Enterprise / Solution Architecture work, contact us.

Immersive Authority can operate remotely (conducting telecons and presenting to key stakeholders) or/and on-site at your business.