Digitizing the Cemetery

Are there any valuable opportunities in utilising technology to improve the conditions of the cemetery? In my community graves are generally re-used and we can sometimes lose track of who is buried where. Finding someone 3 generations departed would be very difficult.

I know that some projects have been implemented where geo-spatial-mapping of graves was performed. I’ve read about LED lit statues, smart card access control for specific family members into a tomb, QR codes on the tombstone that links to a profile of the deceased, and basic digitization of records.

Perhaps AR, geo-spatial mapping data, a link to cemetery and genealogy records can be utilised to respectfully point out who is buried where, what the connection is, and who that person was. Now all cemeteries aren’t alike. Some are well funded and maintained; while others are worse off, at full capacity and neglected. In an article I contributed to a couple years ago I know that some communities spend a lot on funerals: https://lnkd.in/gsWN28t

The money is available in many places…

The idea is definitely not to turn the cemetery into a augmented reality theme park, but rather an educational path down memory lane that promotes visits to the cemetery, encourages contributions to keep the facilities in good condition, maintain records, and preserve a memory of us with our descendants.