Grant Access to Your Digital Accounts After You Die

Life is unpredictable, and you can’t be certain of what fate has planned for you. Uncertainty is the prime reason to be prepare our affairs beforehand. Essential information that loved ones could benefit from after you go missing or after your demise needs to be recorded and stored safely.

Confidential information such as passwords (e.g. to email / devices / social media), burial wishes and certain personal messages are tricky to store – where it needs to be hidden, yet accessible to others only at the right time. The whole purpose of it being confidential is that no one knows about its whereabouts other than yourself. But herein lies the issue – how can you pass down this information after your death? Who can be trusted with this data and how can you be 100 percent confident that they will not misuse this data, or that access to it cannot be compromised while it is in their possession.

Digital Legacy App

There are a number of websites and apps that can help you store your data and back it up onto the cloud, but they are not flexible and secure enough to meet our unique needs for enabling access only during exceptional circumstances. You need a trusted app, that prioritizes confidentiality, such as Shared Trust. This app does not release your information to anyone you nominate, except if you are reported and confirmed missing, disabled or deceased.

While you can openly share sensitive information with your family and loved ones, there is a huge risk attached to that. There are numerous password managers on the market, which will make it accessible for all the family members to get access to the information that must stay in the family instantly. But there are numerous ways that these password sharing apps can be risky, for example, any one of your family members can lose their phone, risking all the family secrets getting into the wrong hands. Instead of one person’s records being compromised, the entire family’s records are compromised. Plus, it would give your enemies an incentive to perhaps kidnap and get the information out of the weakest family member.

Immersive Authority has launched the Shared Trust app which ensures that your information is safe from the hands of criminals, enemies, and disasters; and the identity of these trusted parties are hidden from other trusted parties and outsiders.

Dead Man Switch

The dead-man switch (also known as a “no proof of life” condition on Shared Trust ) can share this info and others such as your social account credentials with a person you trust to deactivate your social media accounts after your death or if you are missing/kidnapped, if you require so. This is a useful feature for people who live alone and wish to erase their shared data from the internet, leaving no social media footprint.

With this digital legacy app, you can leave personal messages for your family members and guide them like you were still there. Maybe you can hand down the family recipe to your grandchild this way. Or reveal the secret of who was threatening you.

Is Shared Trust Safe?

The data is encrypted at multiple levels in the solution. Encrypted data is stored on the cloud and even the operators of the Shared Trust platform cannot view it. Sophisticated algorithms and access policies ensure that no person has access to your encrypted information until the conditions to share it with people you nominate is met, allowing the nominated trusted party or secret creator to decrypt the secret records.

Choose a reliable and trustworthy app, such as Shared Trust, to ensure complete security and administration of your affairs.


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