Hologram Illusions using the Peppers Ghost technique

If you’ve been to the Haunted Mansion at Disney World, to a high-tech music concert or watched some of the cool projection-based World’s Got Talent performances, you have probably been exposed to the Peppers Ghost illusion effect.

If you’re looking to replicate this technique for Halloween or another occasion it’s relatively easy to do this, as long as you possess the following components:

  • 2000 or more Lumen projector
  • Chiffon, a see-through fabric or a window-pane facing your target audience
  • A laptop
  • Video Footage (e.g. of ghosts, zombies) that work with this technique. See http://atmosfx.com/collections/atmosfearfx who sell a range of footage

You simply need to do a rear-projection of the footage onto the projection surface. There will be spillover from the projection beyond the projection surface so make sure that there is no surface near the backs of your audience. Hide the projector away from view of the audience (you can mount it lower or higher than the projection surface) and control the ambient lighting in the room so that the audience is not aware of the screen in front of them.

For more tips on what to do & what not to do to employ this technique watch:

Image Credits: Træ album by Johan Bichel Lindegaard  under CC license 2.0