#Idea VR Headset Location Tracking with BlueTooth Technology

I was considering getting myself a set of (x)Beacons (e.g. iBeacon, AltBeacon) or those lost item Bluetooth trackers (like Tile, or another solution which has an API available) to create a geo-fenced area around a VR headset.

I’m not sure if these devices have API’s available:


The idea is to use these Bluetooth trackers / beacons to reasonably determine the users location within that area (place 4 to 9 in a grid around the user?).

Perhaps then create a Maze game that the VR user can walk through? I am not sure if Bluetooth location tracking has been used with the VR Headset yet. I’ve only seen visual sensing solutions (like Kinect and Video Camera solutions)

Image Credit : Robot Kids Camp: Virtual Reality by Michael Janssen under CC License 2.0