Immersive Display Tech

Immersive Authority’s large venue immersive solutions allow multiple people to view 360 content without the need for a VR headset. After more than 2 years of R&D the HoloPort TM and HoloDome TM (solutions in semi-stealth mode) are available for hire.


Immersive Authority offers 2 hardware products that allows individuals to communally view 360 degree content:

The HoloPortTM

This is a physical portal tilted at 90 degrees (sideways) which allows multiple individuals to peer into a 360 degree scene. This concept can be custom built in various sizes, where the design can be customised for client-specific requirements.

The HoloDomeTM

This is a larger, portable physical structure that allows multiple individuals to immerse themselves within a high quality 360 degree scene (no HMDs required. Current unit has a 5m diameter at +-4k quality, which can be tilted at 0, 30 and 45 degrees. A sedan or SUV can be parked beneath the 5m unit. Larger HoloDomes can be built.

Figure: Standing beneath Immersive Authority’s HoloDome. 360 video used with permission from Boxfish Research

Types of Experiences

360 Degree Photos and Videos

Allow audiences to immerse themselves within high quality 360 degree content (e.g. adverts, films, animations). These experiences of the audience immersed in 360 degree content can be captured on a normal camera. No green screens are required.

A 360 Photo of the HoloDome:

Video: Explaining the HoloDome

360 Degree Multiplayer Gaming

Immersive Authority designs and develop high quality Advergames for experiential marketing and events campaigns. These are custom developed single-or multi-player interactive video games which are setup on location to create a closer bond between brands and consumers in a fun, memorable and engaging manner. For youth, educational themes and activities are incorporated into the games.

Target Market

The premier hi-tech hardware solutions are available for hire by agencies and brands for activations and exhibitions. Advergames will be developed on the platform for corporate clients, and Multiplayer Games for festivals and gaming arcades.

Mission statement:

To offer brands and the events industry clients solutions that wows audiences by exposing them to 360 degree video and gaming content on innovative, interactive display technologies; and to form deep connections between our clients and their audiences by creating memorable experiences that raises brand awareness, educates, inspires and entertains.

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