Microsoft Hololens – a step towards a future with holograms

There’s a cool TED talk that showcases what it’s like to see through the Microsoft Hololens, and what the future hold for us. Alex Kipman explains how holograms will allow us to free ourselves from the 2D confines of traditional computing. Coupled with AI and remote sensors, we are heading towards a world where technology truly understands us. A world where we live, work and communicate with tools that enhance the human experience; not machines that limit our humanity.

The video includes a live Hololens teleconference between Alex and a person from another building on Earth who is standing on a virtual scene of the Mars landscape, which is based on data from the Mars Curiosity rover mission.

Once we have the technology to integrate holograms into the real-world where head mounted displays are not required, where we can touch, smell and feel virtual objects that anyone can conceive on a whim – a true Mixed Reality.

Image Credit: HoloLens augmented reality scenario by sndrv  under CC-license 2.0