Top Virtual Reality Games to look out for

Virtual Reality is the next big thing in gaming. As soon as Oculus Rift launched its Kickstarter campaign, every gamer was anxious to get his/her hands on one. It became one of the most exciting campaigns on Kickstarter ever. Virtual Reality will bring gaming to a whole new level and developers are already on deck to make some exciting new games. Gamers want to experience their favorite games in the virtual world and interaction with other gamers will become more personal with the help of VR. Let’s take a look at the top virtual reality games available or under development.


This looks like a compelling immersive First Person Experience game that tells the story of an astronaut in peril. It’s developed by Three One Zero, published by 505 Games and will be an Oculus Rift Launch Title. Expect it to be released in early Q1 2016.

Edge of Nowhere

Insomniac games, the developers of Sunset Overdrive are stepping in to the virtual world. They are making a new game specifically for Oculus Rift, Edge of Nowhere. Edge of Nowhere combines mountaineering and expeditions with survival-horror genre. It will bring forward an amazing experience of walking through beautiful mountain textures through virtual reality.

The teaser reveals that the game is developed in third person shooter mode although most VR games fancy first person shooters. Never the less, users will control the camera using their head and sensors embedded in Oculus Rift. Gamers were excited to play the demo of Edge of Nowhere, they encountered different creatures and monsters along their hike towards the mountain. Edge of Nowhere is on the verge of becoming one of the most exciting and disturbing virtual reality games.

The Deep

The Deep is being developed by Sony London Studio exclusively for Project Morpheus. The virtual reality headset designed for PlayStation 4 will bring a lot of exciting new features to the users. Sony wants to expand the VR portfolio by developing its own game. The Deep, as the name suggests is about experiencing deep sea adventures in virtual reality.

A short demo was revealed earlier where the user/character experience a deep diving experience in a close cage. As seen in various videos on the web where a great white shark suddenly attacks the cage with deadly force, The Deep also provides the same experience but in virtual reality. The terrifying close calls make you jump from your chair and increases adrenaline. The full game will allow the user to leave the cage to explore the ocean and evade close calls from these predators.


Rigs is another Project Morpheus exclusive title which is a mech-based first person shooter game. It resembles the recently released Titanfall but in virtual reality making it more immersive for gamers. Some gamers also saw resemblance with Monday Night Combat. The positive aspect of Rigs is that it is different from many horror based games developed for VR headsets.

Rigs has taken a totally different approach and offers fast-paced action pack gameplay. Sony has its focus set on providing a great online multiplayer experience in Rigs which can see it becoming the most popular VR game of this generation. The only question remains is whether PS4’s hardware will be able to handle virtual reality requirements or not.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Keep talking and nobody explodes is a unique VR game developed by Steel Crate Games. The game is designed for Samsung’s Gear VR but it will also make its way to other VR headsets in the future. The uniquely designed small budget game is more like a co-op where two players have to work together in order to defuse a bomb. One player is allotted the task of defusing the bomb while the other has to speak out the exact instructions to defuse it.

The game might not be as popular as other big budget games but the unique gameplay can provide a good experience. There are no mouthwatering graphics or anything like that instead it is more like an arcade game. Keep talking and nobody explodes keeps the players on their feet because they have to diffuse the bomb before time runs out.

Time Machine

Time Machine is similar to The Deep but instead of exploring the deep sea, the player travels back in time in to a prehistoric age and looks out for underwater creatures and dinosaurs. It is a mixture of Pokemon Snap and Jurassic Park, the user needs to scan these animals and do not bring any harm to them. User has the ability to slow down time so he/she can get close to the creature and scan it. The purpose of scanning the creatures is to gain more knowledge about them and report back in the present time. The information you collect is used to inform the tourist about life in the pre-historic age and what kind of creatures roamed the earth before mankind.

Minecraft Hololens

Microsoft’s Hololens is one of the most exciting headset in augmented reality. The Redmond giant also acquired the popular game Minecraft for $2 billion. The game is heading to Hololens which will map the game on the surroundings in front of you. Users will be able to interact with the game using their hands and build whatever they want. There will not be much difference of gameplay between the original Minecraft and the Hololens version. If Hololens lives up to its reputation then Minecraft will be just as popular in augmented reality as it is on PC.

Robinson: The Journey

If you are an enthusiast gamer then Robinson: The Journey will be one of the most anticipated games for you. The game is being developed by Crytek, the developers behind Crysis, the graphic intensive shooter. You can expect Robinson: The Journey to be one of the most beautiful games on virtual reality. The game is being developed on the same CryEngine used in Crysis and it takes the players in to a world similar to Avatar.

The faraway land is filled with dinosaurs and many other amazing sights to look at.

Above are some of the most anticipated and exciting virtual reality games under development. There is plenty to look forward to in virtual reality since manufacturers and developers are working together to bring the best possible experience to the user.

Image Credit: Sony: Project Morpheus by Marco Verch under CC by NC 2.0