Augmented Reality Commercial Opportunities with Current Tech

I’ve been wondering what commercial opportunities currently exist for an Immersive Technology consultancy that advises companies on the potential of augmented reality solutions and helps those companies implement it.

I find augmented reality quite fascinating as it has real-world practical and beneficial commercial applications. Augmented reality allows a user to see virtual objects in the real world. It can help with “What-if scenarios”, embed descriptive data onto what a user sees in front of them, allows users to model solutions in real-time, and can dynamically depict differences between before/after uses of an object.

Some ideas for commercial opportunities (where a company specializing in AR can help other industries):


Bringing to life 2D media:

Billboard through a smartphone

Billboard with a TV and camera

Live media (e.g. magazine) through your smartphone:

Retail Clothing / Cosmetics Industry

A consultancy catalogues a companies products as virtual models. Then implements AR mirrors (tv’s with cameras) at various locations where a customer can sample the products virtually.

Tourism authorities

Create an AR Tourist app. Landmarks can be seen through an AR smartphone / lens where further information is supplied. Even better, see historical landmarks as they were in the past (battle recreations, ancient landmarks restored, etc.)

Building / Construction industry

Visualize it before / during building it.

Building exploration:

Construction project management:

Furniture industry

Catalogue a companies furniture as 3D virtual models.
Users can then view virtual objects in their living rooms with an AR smartphone / lens and a special app.

Car dealerships

Catalog the showroom cars and accessories as virtual objects.
Clients can then see the car in front of them in different colors, with different accessories. The salesperson can answer any other questions that the app cannot provide.

Car Rental

App – to compare before / after imagery of a car that was rented.
A company can use an AR app to dynamically scan a car and advise if new dents are present since the last booking.

Games / Competitions

Geo-caching: Search for virtual objects hidden in the real world

Or, play chess in your living room on a virtual chess board where the other player is anywhere in the world.


In the classroom to educate pupils in subjects like biology:


Players in the field are live-streamed useful information that helps them choose their next course of action.

Most off the ideas listed above are possible today with smartphones/tablets. The release of Augmented Reality headsets to the consumer market will result in many more commercial opportunities for organisations looking to roll out this technology.

Image credit: Augmented Reality by Tom  under CC License 2.0