Digital Transformation & 360/VR/AR spotlight at Digility 2017

I attended the last few hours of Digility 2017, a VR/AR conference and expo in Cologne. A variety of exhibitors from local and international companies with mature solutions to local university projects were present, with great use cases and potential. I was impressed by a number of enterprise applications using AR/VR.

Digital Transformation:

  • ITiZZiMO’s IoT and AR Simplifier solution that is platform & device agnostic, allowing e.g. augmented visualisation of IoT sensors connected to a SAP enterprise module
  • Hashplay’s enterprise Big-Data visualisation solution utilising VR
  • Cologne Intelligence – indoor navigation without beacons, using Google Tango. They mapped the entire expo area in 20 mins and overlaid virtual directions & info in the venue
  • Noys VR – they’ll be taking the music video industry to the next level

Enterprise 360 video, animation and interactive Training / Marketing that’s innovative and high quality:

  • Innoactive
  • Immersia VR
  • Candylab AR
  • Design4Real

There’s more companies. I’ll publish more details in a separate article.