The VR Divide

As VR is slowly gaining more mainstream adoption (even though it is really early days) we need to consider the social consequences. VR has the ability to condition one’s mind by making the viewing of true or fictional experiences feel more realistic. If someone is unhappy with their existing reality they can don a headset and wish themselves away to a tropical paradise – at least virtually.

Virtual Reality will create a greater divide between the rich and the poor; between those who can afford to escape reality and those who can’t.

With greener pastures just an arms-length away will it result in those who can afford to make positive contributions to society to stop caring? I’m hoping that this will not be the case. Let’s hope that VR will be inclusive to all (which may already be happening with cheaper cardboard headsets) and hope that we don’t blind ourselves from the challenges of the real world when donning a VR headset.