Experiential Advergames

Immersive Authority will design and develop high quality PC Advergames for your experiential marketing and events campaigns.

These are custom developed single-or multi-player interactive video games which are setup on location to create a closer bond between the brand and consumers in a fun, memorable and engaging manner.

These high-quality games that can be experienced on regular tv screens, video walls or one of Immersive Authority’s innovative display solutions can convey the brand messaging in a number of ways:

  • Demonstrative: Inclusion of brand/products with their descriptions in the game
  • Illustrative: Communicate the existence of the brand or products during game-play (indirectly, in social or cultural context).
  • Associative:  Indirectly relate game activity with real-life activity by associating the brand or product with consumer aspirations

Immersive Authority can create games from a number of genres including Endless Runner, Action, RPG, Arcade and Racing for memorable consumer experiences.